Havertys “We’re Early”

Havertys “We’re Early”

Agency: Bernstein-Rein
Music Producers: Michelle Wiedel & Lauren Langfitt
Music Produced at Storefront
Composers: John “Scrapper” Sneider & James Beer

H-E-B “How To Make A Texas” – Super Bowl 50

Our friends at The Richards Group had this beautiful vision for a Super Bowl spot for their client H-E-B. “How To Make A Texas” is a cinematic marvel, and we were thrilled to provide the musical back drop for it.

we broke out the pedal steel, guitar slide, and cowboy boots to get into that Texas vibe. It’s not every day that we get to play country, but whenever a spot call for dobro, it’s a real treat!

Composer David Kaye wrote the track that went to air on “How To Make A Texas”.

Check it out!

Snickers “Marilyn” – Super Bowl 50

In late January, BBDO-NY brought us on to contribute music for their Snickers Super Bowl campaign.  We were tasked with creating a track in the style of a 1950’s  film score, to be played as if it were on-set during the filming of The Seven Year Itch.

With this direction, our composing staff crafted a handful of pieces inspired by film scores from the 1950’s. We went to work hiring real string and horn players, and recording them through period-appropriate microphones and preamps. Our mixes were processed through vintage EQs and finalized with a vintage compressor.

In the end, Doug Katsaros, Darien Scott Shulman, John “Scrapper” Sneider, and Adam Elk worked together to compose and arrange the piece that went to air with Snickers – “Marilyn”.

Now post-Super Bowl 50, the masterful work of BBDO NY is being hailed as one of the best ads from the big game!

Check out the whole campaign below:



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