Scrapper Heads to Vox Studios with Curtis Stigers, Larry Goldings, and David Poe

I recently had the opportunity to visit LA and work with three of my favorite musicians in the world on one record: Larry Goldings, Curtis Stigers, and David Poe.

I’ve been playing with Larry Goldings for over twenty-five years. World famous as a jazz pianist and organist, Larry is amazing in all styles. He has toured with James Taylor for the past fifteen years and most recently with John Mayer.

This was the seventh record I’ve made with Curtis Stigers for Concord Records. I’ve produced two of them, one of which won the Echo award in Germany for jazz record of the year. I’ve been touring all over Europe with Curtis for fifteen years and he is an incredible singer. We’ve got some cool gigs coming up this summer, including a double bill with Chic Corea at The San Sebastian Jazz Festival in Spain.

David Poe is my favorite songwriter of my generation and he wrote several songs for this record. We have been making music together for a decade, including some tracks for the Pilobolus Dance Company.

The first two recording days were at Vox Studios (historically known as Electrovox). One of the oldest studios in the country, they had the most extraordinary array of vintage mics, gear, and instruments; the sounds they captured were complete butter! So cool to record in the same room as many of my heroes like Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Nat King Cole. Even Adele, Lady Gaga, and the Arctic Monkeys too.

On the third day, we moved to The Village, a studio I’ve become quite familiar with. One of LA’s iconic recording studios, it’s always a hang. When not recording, I was hanging with Grammy award winning producer and engineer Ed Cherney who was mixing Willie Nelson’s latest record.

I took a couple of extra days to visit with friends. Gallons of wine and copious amounts of Mexican food were mowed down. In all it was a great way to spend a week in LA.


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