June 20, 2016 Alex Fulton

Cannes 2016 Hangover Playlist


Summer is upon us and for many of you that means the Cannes Creative Festival!
It’s time to drink rosè and party on yachts and win Gold Lions.

Inevitably you are going to wake up one morning with a pounding rosè hangover and face the challenge of dragging your carcass out the door to go see one of the amazing speakers, or join your crew to accept your Gold Lion.

For that purpose we’ve crafted the perfect Cannes 2016 Hangover Playlist to recover to while you figure out how to dress yourself with the least motion possible. It starts soft with tracks by Mount Kimbie and James Blake while you piece together the events of the previous night, grooves lightly with Dr. Dog, Absofacto, and Father John Misty while you delete the photographic evidence from your phone, and rounds out with some solid jams by Kendrick Lamar, Ratatat, and Run The Jewels to get you pumped up to do the whole thing over again!



To find out what other gems are hidden on this playlist, find Adam Elk


And ask him for one of these