February 8, 2016 Alex Fulton

Snickers “Marilyn” – Super Bowl 50

In late January, BBDO-NY brought us on to contribute music for their Snickers Super Bowl campaign.  We were tasked with creating a track in the style of a 1950’s  film score, to be played as if it were on-set during the filming of The Seven Year Itch.

With this direction, our composing staff crafted a handful of pieces inspired by film scores from the 1950’s. We went to work hiring real string and horn players, and recording them through period-appropriate microphones and preamps. Our mixes were processed through vintage EQs and finalized with a vintage compressor.

In the end, Doug Katsaros, Darien Scott Shulman, John “Scrapper” Sneider, and Adam Elk worked together to compose and arrange the piece that went to air with Snickers – “Marilyn”.

Now post-Super Bowl 50, the masterful work of BBDO NY is being hailed as one of the best ads from the big game!

Check out the whole campaign below: